Cardiff Cafe Guide - Whitchurch

We have enjoyed visiting Whitchurch in order to bring you the Cardiff cafe guide.
The Cardiff cafe guide is  designed to give you an idea of what cafes and coffee shops are available in Whitchurch what they are like in term of style and the coffee they offer.

The Cardiff cafe guide naturally incorporates tea shops and of course the traditional greasy spoon!
We also
provides a coffee guide with advice on the types of coffee bean, decaffeinated coffee and all the other elements you would expect in a Cardiff Cafe Guide.

Cardiff Cafe Guide - Hot Chocolate in Whitchurch

If you are looking for a superb hot chocolate or an outstanding milkshake you can find it here. Our recommendations are Coffee 1 it is often busy but service is well organised and located in the middle of Whitchurch.

If you just want a cup of coffee, no complicated choices or tea without herbal options then Coopers Cafe is a must. The breakfast is a proper size and the welcome cheery. Well established.

Cardiff Cafe Guide - Decaffeinated Coffee

One of the problems with decaffeinated coffee is that often in the decaffeinating process there is a loss of flavour. Virtually all the coffee shops in the Cardiff cafe guide offer decaffeinated coffee. Traditional cafes in the Cardiff Cafe Guide may not always offer that facility.  The coffee is decaffeinated when the beans are green, that is before roasting. It is done by using a solvent to extract the caffeine which is later recovered.
Coffee shops use pre-ground coffee beans for decaffeinated coffee and this can be one reason why the coffee looses its flavour.
Recent developments in the quest for decaffeinated coffee include a species of coffee bean that is naturally caffeine free and the use of a Decaf Stick.
The Decaf Stick is used after the coffee has been brewed so the beans are unaffected the sick is put into the coffee and stirred and it absorbs the caffeine This means that the beans are not affected in any way and also not affecting any flavours of the coffee.

Cardiff Cafe Guide - Types of Coffee Bean

In our research for the Cardiff Cafe Guide we asked several of the baristas what beans they used. They were all keen to tell us and had a good understanding of their art.

Coffee beans are found inside the coffee berry and are the plants seeds.
Most beans come from 2 types of bean, Coffea arabica, and Coffea robusta.
The former has the best flavour profile while the latter is a tough coffee that grows where the Arabica can’t grow.
The beans are processed which includes roasting, the manner of processing affects the flavour.
There are other species including Bengal coffee, Congo coffee, Liberian coffee, (2 types) and Sierra Leonian coffee, they all have specific Latin names. These other coffees only make up 25% of the market and several are quite rare.
The two Liberian coffees, are sold in small amounts to the luxury end of the market. 

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